John Palowitch

I’m a 5th-year Ph.D. candidate in the Department of Statistics and Operations Research (STOR) at UNC Chapel Hill. My research interests include statistical methods for networks, and computational genomics. My thesis work is under the advisement of Andrew B. Nobel and Shankar Bhamidi. Since May 2014, I have been part of a working group in the GTEX Project. I am part of the Probability Group at UNC.

Code and article information for the Continuous Configuration Model Extraction (CCME) method can be found here.

I’ve started a blog to promote prob/stat topics (and others) called dots_on_a_page.

CV: John Palowitch Curriculum Vitae // Google Scholar // github. My email:



Submitted and on arXiv

  1. Aguet, Francois; …; Palowitch, John; Wright, Fred A.; GTEx Consortium; Lappalainen, Tulli; Ardlie, Kristin G.; Dermitzakis, Emmanouil T.; Brown, Christopher D.; Montgomery, Stephen D. “Local genetic effects of gene expression across 44 human tissues.” [submitted to Nature]
  2. Palowitch, John; Zhou, Yihui; Shabalin, Andrey; Zhou, Yihui; Nobel, Andrew B.; Wright, Fred A. “Estimation of Interpretable eQTL Effect Sizes Using a Log of Linear Model.” arXiv link [submitted to Biometrics]
  3.  Palowitch, John; Bhamidi, Shankar; Nobel, Andrew B. “The Continuous Configuration Model: A Null For Community Detection on Weighted Networks.” arXiv link / supplemental doc
  4. Jiang, Melei; Palowitch, John; Yu, Qunqun; Marron, J. S.; Haaland, Perry D. “Finding Community Subtypes in the Microbiome of the Infected Lower Lung.” [submitted to Biometrics]
  5. Wilson, James D.; Palowitch, John, Bhamidi, Shankar; Nobel, Andrew B. “Significance Based Extraction in Multilayer Networks with Heterogeneous Community Structure” arXiv link

Conferences and Presentations


  •  SSPA/Monsanto Student Grant, 2015